Wasted Paper and Role Reversal

My dad called me today because he just finished printing a 17 page manual for his TV remote. Its a very cool remote, and I think I should get one, but thats sort of beside the point. He called because back in the early 90’s I printed out some manual that was probably around 100 pages. Something Turbo Basic if I recall correctly. (I did mention early ’90s didn’t I?) Anyway, he got pretty upset with me for wasting so much paper and toner. He still feels bad about it, so he called to let me know he’s still sorry. I remember the incident but its not one of those things that bothers me. In fact, I think if my son did the same thing today, I’d be really upset. We’ve probably all heard that we’ll someday turn into our fathers, but it wasn’t until today that I realized that, fortunately for me, it is still a moving target.

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