The Laboratory

What is the meaning of life? I do not mean in the biological sense, but life as in how we live it through time. This is question that has existed as long as man has had enough time between meals to think about it. Notice, the question is not, “What is my purpose here?” I think those have different answers. The purpose of life is to please our Creator.

But what is the meaning of it? Why do we have to go through it. Someone once proposed to me that “life is a filter.”

A filter lets certian things through, and blocks others. I believe that people are the things being filtered. Communion with God is the end goal, and only some people make it through. Life is the way in which people are seperated. We all have free will.

I think it goes beyond just a filter. Life is about change. Life is the laboratory where we are changed. Fitting with my Unified Field Theory we are all being affected by the forces around us. We are not just atoms moving around but complex spiritual beings who are being molded and shaped by events and the things around us.

So why is it important that we change? In order to fully appreciate freewill there has to be choice. Unfortunately for some, in order for the choice to be fully free, not everyone can choose the same thing. Everyone has taken part of the “other” side of the choice (Rom 5:12, Rom 3:23). God loves us, and without life, He could not save us from our choices.

I do not claim to completely comprehend it, but outside of creation (that is, time), change is impossible. Change, as we know it, implies time, just as does motion.

All praise be to Him, that He enables us to choose, and to change.

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