I’ve been meaning to write a post about being a parent for a long time, but probably not the one you are thinking when you read the title. If you are a parent, you will probably follow most of what I am going to write. If not, pretend like you do…

I have learned so much by being a parent. Most importantly I have learned what it is like to teach someone who knows less than you how to live life. It requires a lot of love because it is hard work. Sometimes it includes discipline, sometimes hard discipline. How painful it is when we want to give our children everything, but we know that would only end badly.

Why is this important? It teaches us about the relationship God has (or wants) with us. He loves us. He wants to teach us how we ought to be. It is no accident He is described as our Heavenly Father.

When one of my son’s asks for something, I do not blindly hand it over. I must first consider what is best for them, and often the answer is, “No.” Why do we get so upset when our own Father says, “no,” to us? Matthew 7:9-11 tells us that God will give us the good things we ask for. Implied is that if we, as His children, ask for something bad, He will not oblige.

The lessons learned by being a parent are many, and I don’t want to take your time listing them here. But there is one more that I think is important to mention.

God gave His only Son, for me, a lousy sinner who had turned his back on God, spit in His face and refused His love. I cannot imagine giving my son for the sake of someone else. Not that it is possible, but even less so for someone who despised me. Yet God so loved us He did this exact thing. Uncomprehendable.

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