I was away at a conference a while ago, and the theme was understanding the times. Col 4:5-6 came to my mind.

Why redeem the time? Why is there mention of the time being short, the days being few for the Lord to come back. Someone commented to me, “We should get right with God because we never know when He is coming back.” They are right, of course, but what hit me was, even if the Lord does not come back tomorrow, today will still be gone. We will never get it back. The urgency should not be motivated by the end, but by the fact that we never get any of it back. Even if the end is far off, yesterday is gone forever.

Redeem the time indeed!

Why The Little Things Are Important

About a month ago, my son Petr was in the bathroom after I had taken a shower. I was putting on deoderant and asked him if he wanted some. This is something I’ve done many times before. But this time I put it under his arms with the cap off. Nothing much became of that until yesterday when he was telling everyone, “One time my daddy put deorderant under my arms… with the cap OFF!” It was so exciting for him, I never knew. Such a little event, and it meant so much.

It is too easy to get the big things right. In fact most people can just fake it through the big stuff. You take the kids to Disneyland. You take your wife out for a nice dinner. You smile the whole time and talk nicely. And that may do it for a time, but it is in the little things that you show how much you really care about someone. The little things of which you never take any notice.

God is also Lord of the little things. There are many places in scripture I could point to, but I like the story of the blind man in John 9. Jesus healed many blind men, but for this man, He spat in the dirt and made some mud to put on his eyes. Why? We may never know. He could have just said, “Be healed,” as he had done for others, but He didn’t.

Keep an eye out for the little things, both those you do, and those you receive.

Four letter F word

Fair is a bad word. It is the other four letter word that starts with F.

“Why such distain for a word everyone holds in high regard?” you ask.

The word is overloaded. It can mean the place with carnival rides, or someone good looking, along with a few other definitions. But those are not the definitions that bother me. It is the other one, usually the first one in the dictionary, and the one most of us mean when using the word.
free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice

The problem with the word is that it is completely relative. Relative to the perspective of the speaker, which is not the perspective of the hearer. In other words, it means a different thing to everyone. So it really does not mean anything useful at all. What it really means in everyday usage is “I need to benefit.” So, “That is not fair,” really means, “I did not get enough.” “Lets do it fairly,” means, “I need to get more than everyone else.” “That seems fair,” means nothing of justice, it just means the speaker is happy with the outcome. Yet no one could get away with any of those in polite conversation so we just say, “fair.”

Even the expression “Life is not fair,” is a joke. Of course it is not fair… to you. We cannot all be king.

So I think we all need to suck it up and do what is right. At least we have a book for that.