Four letter F word

Fair is a bad word. It is the other four letter word that starts with F.

“Why such distain for a word everyone holds in high regard?” you ask.

The word is overloaded. It can mean the place with carnival rides, or someone good looking, along with a few other definitions. But those are not the definitions that bother me. It is the other one, usually the first one in the dictionary, and the one most of us mean when using the word.
free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice

The problem with the word is that it is completely relative. Relative to the perspective of the speaker, which is not the perspective of the hearer. In other words, it means a different thing to everyone. So it really does not mean anything useful at all. What it really means in everyday usage is “I need to benefit.” So, “That is not fair,” really means, “I did not get enough.” “Lets do it fairly,” means, “I need to get more than everyone else.” “That seems fair,” means nothing of justice, it just means the speaker is happy with the outcome. Yet no one could get away with any of those in polite conversation so we just say, “fair.”

Even the expression “Life is not fair,” is a joke. Of course it is not fair… to you. We cannot all be king.

So I think we all need to suck it up and do what is right. At least we have a book for that.

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