Time Relativity

I wrote about time in this post.

Time is relative, relative to you. Often people talk about how fast time goes by, but if you remember being a child that was not the case.

Time goes by at a speed relative to your experience. A 3 year old, waiting for his next birthday would be almost equivalent to a 30 year old waiting to turn 40.

I say almost, because, while as a percentage of your life, it is accurate, it is not a percentage of your experience. A 3 year old has not experienced very much of life. Almost everything is still new.

On top of that, the more mature we get (hopefully) the more interest we take in others. This expands our experience even more. Have you ever heard a 3 year old ask someone how their marriage is going?

I believe, that in our experienced, the speed of time is not only not linear, but it is exponential.

Faith and Science

A couple of givens I hope we can agree on to start off the discussion:
1. Science is the pursuit of undestanding the rules of the universe.

2. God is not contained by the universe.

Therefore it follows that:
3. Science cannot comprehend God.

Which leads to the conclusion I am reaching for:
Faith is necessary for any comprehension of God.

Why did God structure things the way they are? I am not completely sure, but I do believe that faith provides a great common ground and starting point.

Many things can be learned about the nature of God through our observations of the universe He created (if only I had the patience to write a long post about that…). However, do you need to understand the General Theory of Relativity in order to approach God? No, of course not. We must believe that He exists (Heb 11:6).