Fearful Falling

Do you actually know how much can you handle? How much can you lift? How much stress can you bear?

My wife has told me that a good physical trainer can tell how many repetitions someone can do with a certain amount of weight better than the person doing the lifting. And inevitably whenever she has trained me, just when I feel my body about to give out she says, “OK, 5 more.” “5 more?!” I think, “No way!” But I always seem to manage.

God know what you can bear better than you do. 1 Cor 10:13 tells us. I do not want to get into a long discussion about the actual application of “temptation” here, but I believe that it applies to almost everything that comes your way. This post can help explain why I believe that. Everything is a choice.

Some people find comfort in knowing God knows our limits. It seems obvious, but what does that really mean to us? It means that He can push us to the very edge, way beyond what we think possible. Heb 10:31 sums up very well how I feel about that. Fear.

“Oh Lord how long must I bear this?” we ask.

“Much longer, in fact, as long as you can… and I know just how long that is.”

I am a “tough love” kind of guy, but let us not lose track of the fact that it is all for our own good, even when we are not able to discern it at the time.