Play It As It Lies

I am not a golfer. The last time I really played was probably almost 20 years ago. But I do not mind watching the game, especially when the players are good. I think golf has a lot to teach us about life. Jesus was the son of a carpenter, but He told a lot of farming parables. So I do not think it a stretch for me to write about golf.

The goal in golf is to get the ball in the hole. Once you complete a hole, you move on to the next. This is similiar to what I wrote in Connect the Dots. God shows you the flag and says, “There is the goal.” You work your way to that goal. I think too often we take our eyes off the goal and concern ourselves more with trivial things.

Take the lie of the ball for example. These are the surroundings we find ourselves in as we work to our God given goal. We are all to often worried about improving our lie instead of actually getting the ball in the hole. Where in the bible does it tell us to improve our lie? It does tell us “Blessed are the poor in spirit.” When we take our eyes off the goal, and worry about how long the grass is, or complain that someone did not fill in their divot, we lose sight of what is important, and we get mired in wastes of time.

When you watch someone who is really good at golf, you will find someone with a strong mental fortitude. They can concentrate on their goal. They know that they must learn from their mistakes, but forget what is behind and play the ball as it lies. There is no use in complaining about the wind or a tree branch, or the length of the grass. There is only the moving forward with a driven purpose of getting to the goal. I think this is something we can learn and apply to life. Too often we get caught up in the particulars of a situation and lose sight of how it applies to the goal God has for us. Complaining gains you nothing. Neither does dwelling on the past.

Can you focus on the goal with all your determination, hole after hole, round after round? That is not a question I ask you, it is the one He asks of us.