Righteous Anger

Is anger ever righteous? The place where people usually go to justify their anger is Jesus cleansing the temple. But I have two problems with that. First, He is Jesus. Are we to use the same reasoning to walk on water? Second, and more importantly, I do not find evidence in the bible for Him actually being angry. At least not in the way so many want to use it to justify. It merely states that He drove them out and turned over their tables. Certainly you can infer some sort of anger in that scene if you would like, but does the evidence support it? How would you imagine driving people out in anger and rectify that with “He who knew no sin.”

Here is an example I found telling for myself.  I have heard it said that you can righteously be angry at some egregious sin.  Let us jump all the way to a child molester as a sort of Godwin’s example.  Is it alright to be angry with such a person?  Now turn it on its side.  If someone were to sin against me, no matter the sin, am I obligated to forgive them?  Do I have a right to be angry?  It is a false distinction to say it is alright to be angry if you are a third party, yet many make that assumption.

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