The Individual Gospel

Searching over the commands of Jesus, I find they are made mostly to the individual. He was not concerned about a community, it was all about a one on one relationship with God.

It is completely within God’s power to visit the sick, feed the hungry and clothe the naked. He has armies of angels and He owns the “cattle on a thousand hills.” So why is the command to do these things given to the individual human, to me? Because His commandment is not so that people will be visited, fed and clothed, but that I will do it, and in so doing, I am changed (just as I am changed by prayer). They, too, will be changed, by receiving the love of God. However, that is not the significant part, angels could also show God’s love. Yet He chooses me, the individual, to accomplish His noble calling.

God certainly speaks through circumstances and other people, but decisions should not be based on what “they” are doing. There is no such thing as a “social gospel.” I ought to respond to the will of God in my life. That will motivate me to reach out to others, but not because they need it, because the love of God and His Spirit compel me to do it. Serving God does not mean finding like minded people, it means serving God. Most often that will be with like minded people, but they are not my motivation.

I cannot view the world as the world views itself. I cannot make judgments based on worldly wisdom. I must follow Christ’s example and God’s will for my life. I am only (yet ultimately) responsible for myself.

I put this in the Politics category because it has a lot of obvious political implications.  I know this sort of thinking will upset a lot of people, so all the more reason to put it there.

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