Pearl River, NY

AIM’s US office is in a town called Pearl River, NY.  It is just across the northern New Jersey border.  We arrived there tonight.  Today gave me a really good feeling of what it is like for our boy’s teachers.  They always tell us how good they are.  And on the 2 flights we just took, I cannot imagine better behaved boys.  They slept some and played quietly the whole time.

We arrived at the office and being couped up for so many hours had taken its toll.  The boys were bouncing off the walls.  It doesn’t help matters with a 3 hour time difference and us telling them, “Go to bed, it is dark out.”

But they are good boys, and we love them.

More to come… we should be in Nairobi on Saturday night.

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  1. I am excited to be the first to comment! Bless you all in your new season of life. My heart is so full after seeing the slide show, as I can catch a glimpse of part of your new African family and the lives God will guide you all to touch. You are in my prayers every day…

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