Raw Emotions

We bought 4 one-way tickets to Africa resulting in raw emotions.  This last week we have said good-bye to our home, family, and friends.  We have left all that is known.  As I am going through emotions of excitement and sorrow, my life is being blessed.  The time spent with loved ones has been of the highest quality.  I have hugged more people in one week than ever before!  Words that are spoken are with a purpose.  There have been things said that should have been said long ago.  In all, I am convicted of relationships taken for granted producing more raw emotions.

The love that has been expressed to us during this time is humbling.  Hugs have been the greeting, the welcomed interrupter, the unspoken feeling, and the seal to the departure.  Every last hug is painful.  I am flooded with emotions as each hug is as unique as the person giving it.  Some of the hugs are long, some are short and sweet, some are tight, some are casual, and some are long.  They are all the same in the fact that they are full of memories, love, support, and the hope of a reunion.  The most beautiful part of the hug is the mutual agreement that the longer the embrace, the shorter the time of the separation.  I wish I could hold on forever!  Yet, I know that I must let go.  Thankfully, it is only a release in the physical.  I rest in the peace that relationships will continue to be cultivated in my heart through prayer and communication.  I have never been so glad that technology is available to make it possible to stay in touch.  The Lord has answered  our prayer for having internet in our home in Africa – the answer was YES!!!  We are very thankful.

7 thoughts on “Raw Emotions

  1. Internet at home… YEAH!!!!! We are praying for you every step of the way. Thank you for being so faithful at keeping us posted. Our heartfelt prayers are going before our Lord praying that you will find comfort in many little things as you adventure to Africa. We will miss you dear friends… but what wonderful memories we have of the four of you! all our love until we hear from you again. Please give Cammy an extra special hug from me=)

  2. Our last meeting was very special to me. Open hearts, sharing souls, trusted friends. Love you, Jenny

  3. Cammy! That was so beautifully written, and is so true! When I was hugging you goodbye the whole thing became very real. I didn’t want to let go. I have always felt like we are sisters by more than marriage. Of course, we are sisters of the heart, sisters in Christ. I sit here with tears in my eyes, knowing that God has always had this plan for you, and watching you come to the realization for yourself has been so emotional. Your family is and will be blessed for serving God’s people. I cannot express the joy and pride I feel for what you are doing. Selfishly, I will miss you all, but know that God uses all things for good. I hope you and Paul know that your commitment to mission work inspired the formation of Kids Hope USA at our church. We love you so much! Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers every single day! HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Amazing! It’s so “awesome” that God has brought you to this moment…my thoughts and prayers are for you all constantly. I rejoice in the knowledge that God’s will is pulsing through you…much love and virtual hugs!!

  5. We just want you to know we are here, and remember your hugs. You are all very special, and we are honored to witness your journey! What a great beginning…
    We’re glad you arrived safely, and look forward to what happens next. Peace and love to you.

  6. Cammy, I am so thankful that we got to have one more conversation on the phone before you left for Africa! I treasure the message you left on my machine too! 🙂 I can’t wait to see you again! Love, alicia

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