I was on my way to the AIM Air hangar and was having a little trouble with the traffic.  This is not all that normal, well the matatus are, but not the camel. Just thought I would share a little of the local color.

He is always there

We have been in a lot of transition in the last two months. We have not had a place to call home. It has not been a big problem, but it has been a little tough for the boys.
I put the boys down for a nap and after they were asleep headed out to work on some papers. After a while I heard a voice and went to check. Andrej had woken up. I asked if he needed anything, and he said, “I want someone to stay with us.”
As a parent, I thought about what that means for my heavenly Father. He is always there. Nothing happens to me that He is unaware. I can “sleep” with confidence no matter where I am. I can live in His peace where ever He puts me.


I know I had said I do not like to post on politics, but being here in Kenya has given me a different perspective on a lot of things. I do not have the time now to go into it all (I am posting from my phone), but I heard a great quote on the radio here. “Politicians are like bananas, they hang out together, they are all yellow, and none of them are straight.”

Network Silence

We have been in our homestay where we have been living with a Kenyan family for 4 weeks.  Because we have been so involved with everything going on, we have not spent much time “online.”  I appologise to anyone who has been checking here for any updates and been disappointed by the lack of news.

We are all doing well.  I had a really bad flu right off, but got over it.  It gave us the added opportunity to try out some of the medical facilities.  I got very good treatment and was in and out in short order even with a blood test and chest x-ray.  Petr also got a touch of it, but he recovered quickly.

We have been to Morning Star a couple of times.  The boys had a great time and we will try to get the pictures up when we can.

Currently there is a large conference going on at Harvesters Christian Church.  People have come from all over to be a part; Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, DR Congo, Burundi, Mauritius, UK, South Africa and California (us).  It has been helping a lot with our learning of Swahili.

Tunawapenda. Kwaheri.