First week at “work”

I finished off my first week at work last week and it was an interesting time.  I have not been to “work” for over 2 months and it felt nice to sit at a computer and hammer out some things. IT is completely different now.  Not only am I in Africa where many things work differently, but I am working for a missions organization where there is no profit motive.  That changes everything around.  It is going to take me a while to figure it all out, not technically, but spiritually.

We finished off the week by going back up to Harvesters in Karuri where I was priviledged to preach.  I guess I am getting more accustomed to being here, I did not even have a watch or a clock and no one commented on how short it was (anything under 75 minutes is considered a short message, especially  outside Nairobi). I had been preparing a message, but Saturday night it did not seem to be the right one.  So I started with a different one sort of feeling lost, but after worship and hearing from the visitors to the church I knew God had given me the right one.

After church we were able to have lunch with the translator and his wife and the wife of another Pastor who was preaching at Umoja.  It was a special time because the house we ate in was partly paid for by the sale of our house in La Mesa over a year ago.

Mungu ni mwema, wakati wote. (God is good all the time)

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  1. Good to hear you are back at work with a new mindset; how encouraging to me to look at my job with a kingdom perspective. You are all in my prayers and thoughts daily. Love to you, to Cammy and a big hug to Petr and Andrej as well.

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