Car accident

14-11-08_1623We went through what seems to be a rite of passage for missionaries here in Nairobi.  I have been at a conference all week, so Cammy was on the way to the hangar to pick up some packages that had just cleared customs.  At the one big roundabout near the hangar she was hit by a school bus. Thankfully she is well, and the boys were at home finishing their nap and were not in the car.  The accident threw glass all over the boys’ seat in the car. The damage was almost completely limited to a single door, so hopefully we will be able to replace that without too much hassle.

Cammy did not enjoy dealing with the bus driver and his assistant who were trying to convince her she was at fault.  Waldo Goosen, a 20+ year missionary fluent in Swahili, was able to meet her quickly from the hangar, and I was also able to arrive not much later, thanks to having a motorcycle. (That may be a whole different post, I have never, ever, seen traffic like what I had to go though to get there.)

We continued on to that hangar, picked up the packages and got lots of help cleaning out the glass from the car.  I do not think it has been that clean since we have owned it.  The AIM Air mechanics even got some great plastic to cover the window and some aviation duct tape to get it on there.

On Monday we will begin the fun process of going to the insurance company and the police station.  I think that should be a really interesting experience.  God has been so good in this so we trust we will see Him with us on Monday as well.

3 thoughts on “Car accident

  1. I am so glad that Cammy is ok! Please give her our love and let her know she is in our prayers! We love you all…

  2. That is so cool! Leave it as is and mark it with a picture of a school bus like fighter pilots mark their kills on their planes. God is good all the time .God’s got bigger things than car accidents for you Cammy,this is just another bump in the road.

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