I am at a leadership conference for AIM this week.  We have been talking about a lot of really great stuff, most of which I know I am not disciplined enough to write here.

One thing I found very useful was the time spent thinking about change. Here are some of my thoughts on the subject.  Some of it reaches back to some of the stuff I wrote quite a while back.

You are not the man or woman God wants you to be.  You have to change.

How is God moving you now?  Are you resisting? Why?

What can you learn from the answers to those questions?

What do you have to do that you do not like?  Why do you not like it?  If God is moving you to do something you do not like, it is probably not because you are the best one to do it.  There is almost always someone better at something than you are.  That means that the purpose in having you do it is not to have it done the best, but to have you do it.  God knows you, He knows your gifts.  He also loves you, and He wants you to learn and to grow.

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