God called, He wants His stuff back

In another post I said I would work on this one, so here it is.  It is a tough one though, so be warned.

God gave you everything, without Him, you would have nothing.  I do not think that should be too hard to accept.

Living here has taught me that a lot of things I thought I needed, I do not really need.  Not that we have it hard at all, but life is not the same.

So, what I mean to say is, “You do not need it.”  Seriously.  Start listing some things in your head that you need…

If you get past water and food, only occasionally, you have gone too far.

So all that stuff you have, that you do not need, God wants you to use it for Him.

We are made in God’s image, His name is on us (sermon notes on the subject).  Render unto God what is God’s.

The whole purpose of life is serving God. I just finished a morning devotion here at AIM-IS on the subject, and it is amazing how woven through the bible the subject is, but it receives very little attention.

Genesis 2:15 God put man in the Garden to serve, the curse broke this relationship.

Exodus 8:1 The purpose for freeing the Israelites was so that they might serve God. The passover accomplished this.

We are supposed to “wait on” the Lord.

Wait on:  to perform the duties of an attendant or servant for.

Luke 1:74 The reason for God sending a savior was so that we would be restored to a right relationship with God, to serve Him.

Hebrews 9:14 The reason for Christ’s death was so that we could once again serve God.

Revelation 22:3 Once the curse is gone, we shall serve God for eternity.

If that is our purpose for being here, then everything we are, everything we have, is meant to serve Him.  If the stuff you have, the time you are spending, is not serving God, then it is a misappropriation of His resources.  You are stealing from God.  So get busy using it for Him, or get rid of it.

4 thoughts on “God called, He wants His stuff back

  1. It’s funny that you post this at this time. I had been thinking along these lines, earlier today, while riding to work.

    My route takes me past two city dumps. As you know, riding a motorcycle allows you to experience the world in a much more personal way than traveling by automobile.

    The first dump goes by without too much concern, but approaching the second, always turns into a game of “how long can I hold my breath before passing out in the middle of traffic.”

    This morning I took notice of not only the two dumps, but the sheer number of garbage collection trucks on the route. Huge lumbering beasts with tarps and refuse flitting about.

    These observations caused me to think about all of the stuff we accumulate, throw away, and right away replace. How much stuff we truly don’t need, but get anyway. I started thinking about my house, and how much clutter I see daily.

    As Kim and I prepare to have our first child, I hope we can start things off right and get rid of the stuff we don’t need. My fear is that we’ll get rid of the current clutter, only to replace it with different clutter. It is imperative to focus on what truly matters. God and family. That’s what it boils down to.

    We’ll pray that we’re all able to have the strength and resolve to focus on God and be cognizant of what he’s given to us and to use it for him.

  2. Well written! You are encouraging me and my family to reevaluate what we really need and to adjust our lives accordingly. Thank You!

  3. I like your perspective. And you are absolutely right!! Your post however has caused me to ponder the idea and definition of “serving God.” Thanks for your thoughts.

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