Paul and Boniface’s Visit

dsc01369This happened a few weeks ago, but I did not get around to posting the pictures until now.

We had Paul and Boniface, the two oldest boys from Morning Star Children’s Home, come and stay the weekend with us.  We drove up early Saturday morning and spent a little time at the home then drove all the way back across town for an early lunch at Java House.  I am not sure, but I do not think they had ever seen a menu before as it was quite confusing. We were all learning about each other.

Then we went off to Toi market to look for a pair of shoes for each of them.  I think next time we go to buy some shoes we will go somewhere else.  I imagine it was a little tough on them having to pick out a pair that they liked and that fit only for us to have to walk away because we were getting the mzungu (white man) price. (The laws of business do not apply as you would think.  No really, it is hard for me to belive too, I still struggle with it after 6 months.)  It happened a couple of times, but we were finally sucessful.

We came back home and played some football (soccer) in the empty lot across the street.  There were a lot of neighborhood boys, so many that it motivated me to clear out much of the lot afterwards.  (The playable area is about double now.)  Paul also did a little bike riding, he seemed to really enjoy it.  We have some of the nicest streets in Nairobi here in our estate (except for the monstrous speed bumps, but it keeps the cars slow).  We had a great taco dinner, but I am not sure Paul and Boniface enjoy ground beef that much.  Kenyans seem to really enjoy chewing (and I mean chewing!) their meat.  Things that are too soft remind them of baby food.

After dinner we played the card game Uno.  They really enjoyed it and we stayed up later than we should have.  We sent the cards back to the home with them, and I noticed that in Paul’s Christmas gift box (see a later post) he recieved his very own Uno cards.

Sunday we went to church and they returned home with the rest of the kids.  It seemed really short, and it was, but with 30 kids for us to host, we do not want to bite off more then we can chew.  This weekend (Jan 3-4) we are picking up the two oldest girls.

2 thoughts on “Paul and Boniface’s Visit

  1. Thank you so much for posting. As you all get to know each other we get to know you all. It’s great

    Are you going to send someone back to the Toi store for the shoes?

  2. We did buy shoes for the boys, it was just a long painful process. Today we took Mercy and Joyce to the Bata shoe store at Yaya. They have posted fixed prices and it was a much more pleasant experience.

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