Overpasses and Overseeing

I arrived in South Africa on Monday to a view of Johannesburg. It is an interesting commentary that I was so impressed to see highways and overpasses. I am down here with Alan M, the director of International Services (where I work), to attend the AIM South Region leadership conference. We are here to communicate to these leaders the new vision we have for the role of IS within AIM as a whole.

In order to describe that vision to you, I think this would be a good time to explain how my role has changed within IS. Because of a change in personnel and a change in the vision, some of the departments at IS have been moved around. Part of that moving was to put me over three new departments. So now I am the general manager overseeing IT, Auto repair, Construction and OFM (On Field Media). I see all of these ministries as very similar. A missionary or organization somewhere in Africa has a problem and we have the knowledge and skill to help them solve the problem.

The new vision is to bring technical solutions to people and organizations where ever they are in Africa. That is my new challenge, to bring change to our organization in order to realize that vision.