Church Dedication

dsc01852This weekend we were privileged to be able to attend the dedication of the Harvester’s Church in Kabete.  I spoke there about 2 months ago and the church was not quite finished. The pastor, Njonjo, is a great guy, and really a big guy.  I really enjoy him.  There was an assistant Minister at the dedication, Lewis Nguyai Nganga, who remarked what a transformed man Njonjo is.  He said he used to frequent the all the pubs of the area before he was saved.  His son Jimmy was also there.  I met him in March of 2007 on my first trip here.  He also is a wonderful guy.

It is a ways outside of the city in Kikuyu land, so the service was almost completely in Kikuyu and Swahili.  Its a good thing my Swahili is improving or I would have been completely lost.

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