Exciting news today.  I just received 4 laptops for my computer school.  Thanks to a generous donor (Thank YOU) and our tax return, I was able to purchase 4 laptops for the Firm Foundation School of IT.  We will be starting up a “Basic Computing” course in a couple of weeks and I think it is going to be very well attended.


I just posted that I haven’t been writing much, and part of that reason is that I have been programming. I find that when I am in the middle of a programming multi-week, or longer, project it uses up a lot of my brain, even when I am not actively working on it. I have 3 medium sized database projects going on to help how things work at AIM-IS. I am hopeful I will get some help soon.

Too Quiet

The blog has been too quiet as of late, and I apologize. I have been working some drafts and been really busy so I have not had time to finish them. I am about to head down to Mombasa for a few days and I hope to have some time to write while I am there.