Sunday Morning thru Afternoon

Paul preaching in Kabete

Paul preaching in Kabete

Each Sunday we have attended a different church in the greater Nairobi area. They all were small and humble by our standards (two of them were in slum areas and had earthen floors), but it is a true joy to experience the worship. The last three Sundays Paul preached. You should see him in a coat and tie; he told me that if you are not dressed up, the people here will not take you seriously when you speak in a church service. They are very excited about visitors. Not just us, but also Kenyan visitors. They ask each visitor to get up and share. We were always given a special place in the front – a real luxury to sit on a chair, when most of the people are on benches. I should mention that the services generally run about three hours. Paul has become a Kenyan preacher: he speaks at least 45 minutes – actually that is a little too short, but I was told that he qualifies. It has been a special blessing hearing him share his understanding of the goodness of God (what God knows to be good often will not look that good to us – just look at what small children consider good, and you will get a little better perspective on that). He also has shared that we have been saved to serve.

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  1. Seeing you in a suit inspires me to ask you to conduct my funeral. I’ll wear mine too so you wont feel uncomfortable. Actually , you look great and biblical. I am made all things to all men,that I might by all means save some.1 Cor. 9:22 Well done Paul

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