Decompression Ride

I went out on a ride Saturday with Alan and John.  We intended to head toward the Rift, to see if we could get down this area that looked really nasty on Google Earth.  We ended up finding this really nice road, to no where.  Not actually no where, but a really wide, recently paved road that just ended in dirt.  It was still a wide dirt road, and fairly nice, but the rains has beat it up a bit.  There was no junction near where the pavement ended.  I theorized that an MP lived just behind the end of the pavement.  They usually have very nice roads to their homes.

Not wanting to bite of more than we could chew, none of us having ridden much in the last few months, we chose the easy route.  We went through Limuru and ended up very near Karuri, so I took them by the church.  We took a back way to Ndenderu (near the Kianjogu church).

Regarding the title, sometimes it is good to just let the Kenyan roads beat the snot out of you.  It feels great.

Mostly I wanted to post this so I could try out putting a track on the blog.  I also have some video of the last part of the ride.  I will try to post it later.

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