Please Pray

Over Easter weekend, the Harvester’s churches had a women’s retreat in Shinyanga, Tanzania.  We were informed that the group from Nairobi, in a bus on their way back, was in a terrible road accident.  There were 3 fatalities, and 35 injuries.  Because the accident was far from any town, Pastor Stephen had to rent another bus to go pick up the injured and a van for the bodies.  Many of the injured were admitted here at Kenyatta Hospital.

Edit: If you would like to contribute anything to the expenses incurred (the vehicle rental or medical and funeral expenses) email me.

4 thoughts on “Please Pray

  1. Cammy: Can we send some money to Pastor Steve to help with the med/funeral expenses? Love you, praising God that you decided not to go on that trip! Miss you beyond words, trusting God to protect you, Paul, Charlie and the boys. Love, Dad.

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  3. Hi Paul. So sorry to hear of the accident. We would love to send some money to help. How do we go about doing that? Let us know.

    Blessings and love,


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