10 years today!

20000409 017We celebrate 10 years of marriage today!

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We made our vows before God…We lit the unity candle… And sealed it with a kiss

20000409 020….And we danced

The last 10 years have been full of adventure.

20000412 078From Hawaii…

362251To Norway…

454 To The Netherlands…

dsc00852 To Africa…

We have been half way around the world


I will gladly go the other half with you.  🙂

I cherish everyday that I have the privilege to be called your wife.

Thank you for blessing me with your love.

Yours Completely,


6 thoughts on “10 years today!

  1. Happy Anniversary!!! I am so glad we were there to witness such a special occasion:) It truely was a God honoring day, and we love you all!

    I assume you got my message regarding your visit out here… I am SO BUMMED to have missed you. Really! Please email sometime… I miss hearing from you and am continually praying for all of you.
    Your friend, Heidi

  2. Cammy: Happy Anniversary! 10 years ago was truly a great memory for me as well. I remember often [with tears] a special father-daughter dance to a special song. The music lingers in my heart as does that moment in time. Doesn’t seem like my baby girl should be married 10 years already! You continue to write so very beautifully!! Paul is indeed a Blessed man. Love you always. Dad

  3. Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary! It is wonderful to see that not only are you devoted to each other, but are dedicated to serving Jesus Christ. May He richly bless you!

  4. Happy Anniversary. Next to my own wedding it was one of the best days of my life as well. I was truly honored to be a part of it. It was end of one journey that Paul and I had been on for what seemed like an eternity and the beginning of an even better one for you guys. You have always been a great example for me of a Godly couple and marriage and Paul has always been an amazing example to me of a Godly husband, father and man. It is a privilege to know you both! Happy Anniversary!!!

  5. Happy Anniversary Cammy and Paul! I miss you so much. Can you believe how fast 10 years goes by? Man!! Send me your e-mail Cam – OUr computer crashed and I lost all my e-mail addresses.
    I love you! Hugs to the boys too!

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