Saturday School

I spend all of yesterday at Christ Harvest Revival in Kawangware where they have been running the bible school for pastors in the slums.  A few months ago, I was asked if I could teach some computer classes for the pastors.

I went in with 5 laptops and an outline of what I was going to teach.  High up on my outline was to gauge the groups previous experience with computers.  Most of the computer use here is at cybercafes, where a cheap place runs at 1 shilling per minute.  50 shillings per hour is a fairly normal wage for unskilled labor, so the cyber costs more per hour than most of them can earn in the same time.  Out of 26 students, only one had ever touched a computer before.  I thought I might be in for a long day.

It was a great time for us all.  All were very eager to learn, and some picked things up really fast.  We rushed through the basics of interfacing with computers, menus, applications and documents.  Then we touched on the three big office applications; word processing, spreadsheets and presentations.  The second half of the class was dedicated to the internet.  It was great fun showing them and some other bible resources.  At the end of the day, I had most of them set up with an email account and asked them to send me an email.

I had not been looking forward to the long days of doing this, close to 1o hours, but when I got home I knew it had been a great day.  Cammy asked me how it went, and I replied, “It was one of those things I would never choose to do myself, so I am glad God made me do it.”  I sound like a boy I know, who I should post about.

Next week I will be on the other side of town near Kayole, in the Soweto slum teaching other students.  Perhaps when that is all done, I will post some of the best emails I receive.

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