Update on the bus accident

I mentioned the bus accident, and this weekend we got to see everyone and get a full report on what happened.

The drive shaft on the bus broke, which pitched the bus on its side and it rolled several times.  I have not been to Shinyanga, but I have been on a bus from Nairobi to Arusha and back.  If the speeds were anything like my trip 13 years ago, I can easily imagine the scene in my head.

Since I was committed Saturday, we missed a funeral for a young lady who was the younger sister of one of our worship singers at Umoja.  In church, her brother sat next to me.  There will be a funeral Tuesday in Kabete for a lady whose husband used to be an elder at Harvester’s Kabete.  They had since moved over to the church in Gachie to help out there.  Wednesday will be the funeral for an elderly lady at the Harvester’s Kianjogu, where I gave the Easter message last year.

There were many injured women at church Sunday.  Consolata , one of the women who has translated for me on more than one occasion was in a sling.  Stanley Kariuki’s wife was unable to come because he said she had trouble sitting for more than a few minutes.  Joel, one of the church elders, also tore some ligaments in his left shoulder.  All who were there Sunday got up at the end of the service and we prayed for their quick recovery.

There is still one woman in hospital.  She is up at Kijabe and in need of surgery to repair her leg.  They are currently raising funds to pay for the surgery.  We contributed towards it.  Actually we do not have any of our own money, so all of you who are supporting us, contributed to her surgery.

Living here has taught me a lot about culture.  One of the things I have learned is that almost everything we point to has a good side and a bad side.  One of the things they were keen to teach us at our orientation was how much of the outlook in Africa is fatalistic.  It is often seen as a bad thing, and that is understandable.  However, yesterday we experienced the good side of it.  There were no questions of “Why?”  Only an attitude of expectation, “How is God going to be glorified in this?”

Mungu ni mwema, wakati wote.

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