Computer Class in Soweto

Wednesday I did the first of 2 days at the Bible School in Soweto teaching “Computers for Pastors.”  There were 13 students, and I hope they all make it back for Saturday.  Once again, the response to anyone having using a computer before was very small.  However, there are some really bright people there, and they are learning fast.

They do not have electricity there, so we had to run a generator for the whole time.  At our first break, there was an announcement in Swahili that everyone had to pay 50 shillings to help pay for fuel.  They must have thought I would not have understood because I got a strange look and then some laughter when I gave them my 50 shillings.  Fuel is back up close to 90 shillings per liter (about $4.55  per gallon).

I am looking forward to Saturday.

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