I wanted to share more pictures from our trip to the States so here are the ones that capture some of our family traditions

The Living Nativity at Horizon North County:

DSC02348 DSC02349DSC02347 DSC02350

We have enjoyed attending the Living Nativity with Paul’s family for many years.

During the time of Christmas when our focus may be on other things, it is good to SEE the reason for the season

Prime Rib at my Dad’s house:

DSC02355 Some years back my father got a huge slab of prime rib and called it “Prime-icis Rib-icis”.

It  has become the special occasion meal at the Idler house.  It was so nice to have some tender meat.

Christmas Eve at Paul’s parents:

MOV02365 DSC02368On Christmas Eve, before opening presents, Paul’s dad has the tradition of reading Luke 2 with the youngest children sitting on his lap.

Petr and Andrej had the honors.

DSC02374And then came the unwrapping of the presents – always a special time of Grandpa reading his gift tags that are hidden codes.  Only he knows who the gift belongs to.  We have fun trying to guess.

DSC02373 Paul and his Grandmom (This is one of my favorite pictures from Christmas – they look so joyful!)

DSC02376The “Sisters” on Paul’s side of the family.  I am so blessed to have married into a family where the sister-in-laws are my close friends.  Growing up with two brothers (who I love and adore), I always wanted to know what it was like to have a sister. Some of you know that I do have a sister in Heaven, who I am named after, but I didn’t have the chance to know her.  She would have been forty years old this month.  I thank God that He has provided other means of having sisters.  I am blessed with one on my side of the family and three on Paul’s side of the family.

Christmas morning:

DSC02386Doughnuts!  My mom always made these doughnuts on Christmas morning.  Yummy!!

DSC02384 “like father, like son” – Paul reads the Christmas story to the boys before opening Christmas presents

DSC02387 Christmas stockings by the fire!

MOV02405Andrej with his guitar!

DSC02402Petr displaying the visual for the “No whining” sign.

I think he’s had practice…looks like he’s got the whining thing down.

MOV02392 Decorating the Birthday Cake for Jesus!DSC02396

DSC02407Singing to Jesus

New Traditions that will continue when we visit the States (I’m pretty sure):

DSC02341Buying the Boys a Root Beer at the mall

(we can’t get root beer in Kenya).

The boys were strutting with their “big boy” sodas.  They were shocked when we ordered them a large!

DSC02536Chuck E. Cheese


We went with my parents and my brother’s family.  I’m sure the boys will try to make it a family tradition! 🙂  Grandpop and Uncle Brandon watch as the boys drive a boat on a simulated screen of Lake Powell – our family’s vacation spot!  It was so cool.  Petr hit the “jack pot” with the tickets.  Andrej looks like he is used to crazy driving in Nairobi….

DSC02343 I don’t have a picture for the next tradition so I used this one because it sums up the “end product” of the tradition…..drum roll please….SLEEP OVER AT GRANDMAS WITH ALL THE GRANDCHILDREN – or as many as can make it!!!  Paul’s mom loves to have all of her grandchildren under one roof, sharing together in life’s experiences.  Our little Andrej makes a baker’s dozen – 13 grandchildren in all!  So much fun:)

DSC02509DSC02505The Childrens Museum with Nonni


DSC02523DSC02522there were many activities to keep my boys interested!

DSC02498DSC02500Missing the 70’s, anyone?

Yes, I jumped too!  Nonni, thanks for treating us to the museum.

DSC02526DSC02525SEA PORT Village

We used to take the trolley down to seaport village and walk around, mostly on Saturdays.  Sometimes we would go with the grandparents and buy ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s.  My Mom and I took the boys after The Childrens Museum.  We were prepared with a football.  After the boys ran around with the ball we got the traditional ice cream!


The boys were given gift cards for Christmas from our dear friend Joan Chaffin.  Thanks Joan! They enjoyed their Happy Meals.

DSC02486DSC02484Those of you who know my Dad will understand these pictures.  My Dad loves to dress as a cowboy.  He loves horses, but mostly likes wearing his cowboy boots and hat.  And I have seen him wear those boots to church…hello El Cajon!  He takes advantage of any excuse to dress up like a cowboy (since he doesn’t have a horse).   I used to have a horse and did some horse shows.  When I won a fancy silver belt buckle, he would ask to borrow it!  My winning worked out pretty well for him.  He would be dressed in Cowboy attire from head to toe.   Anyways, back to the pictures:  My Dad has a friend named Gary who is the care taker of their property (he lives in a trailer on the property).  Gary wanted to do something special for my boys for Christmas so he hired a lady that brings horses for rides.  She even brought her brother to do some circus juggling! My Dad told me to invite my friends and their kids to join the fun.  We had one BIG playdate.  My Dad took the opportunity to give the kids golf cart rides, cowboy hat and all!

Here are the rest of the pictures:


DSC02473DSC02470Thanks, Gary, for a wonderful time!  And a “Hee Ha” to the Cowboy whom I am proud to call my “Daddy”:)

DSC02495DSC02494These pictures are symbolic of the growth of my boys.   They used to be scared of the Star Wars mask.  We went to Aunt Julie’s house and they went to the closet (remembering where the mask  was) and surprised us by putting it on!  The first picture is of Petr with his cousin, Mark.  The second picture is Andrej.  We had some good laughs.

DSC02447Planting Pine Trees with Grandpop in his yard.

DSC02451DSC02450When I was growing up we had pine trees (old Christmas trees from our house) that my Dad planted.  It was fun to watch them grow through the years.  Well, my Dad surprised us with having the same idea for Petr and Andrej to plant some with him this year.

DSC02544Paul and I had a tradition of taking the boys to Denny’s on Sundays after church.  Petr kept mentioning this fact during our visit, but we didn’t make it to Denny’s until the morning of our departure.  We met family for breakfast to say our good byes.  It was rough, but there was comfort in knowing we will see them all again when we come back in August!

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  1. This morning, first thing, Dad told me, “You’re really going to like Cammy’s latest blog.” And I do! What fun to see those pictures and comments! Thank you, Cammy, for posting it! Can’t wait for August when we will make some more wonderful memories. Love you!

  2. When I saw the “no whining” visual, I laughed out loud! Thanks for the wonderful details, and I rejoice in the fact you regard every blessing God provides you as precious. Stay strong in Jesus! I thank God for you guys!

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