EspañaI have been watching most of the FIFA World Cup matches at the AIM AIR hangar.  It has been very interesting to watch the tournament while in Africa with a lot of Africans.  There is something strange that I cannot completely comprehend or communicate.  The Africans really do have a kind of comradery that crosses tribal and national boundaries.  Almost everyone was heartbroken when Ghana, the last African team in the tournament, crashed out in the quarter finals.  One day they are cheering on men from 3000 miles away, the next they are complaining (or worse) about the terrible tribe next door.

The whole family came into the hangar last night to watch the final.  We were all dressed for the occasion.  I choose the blue away Spanish jersey, Cammy was in the Furia Roja and Andrej in my 2002 Spanish jersey.  Petr was happy to wear the Real Madrid jersey he got for his birthday in April.  There was a bit of a crowd there for the match and late in the second half they started a pool as to how many times I would stand up and yell.

It was a very entertaining and hard fought match.  Both teams had chances to take it, but in the end it was Spain lifting the cup for the first time.  Petr and Andrej had both fallen asleep, but awoke for the trophy ceremony.  It might have had something to do with some guy yelling…  Good memories.

(With sincere apologies to my Dutch friends.  “Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.”  But at least it was not a loss on penalties.)

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