Well it has been 2 years since we came to live in Kenya.  The first 6 months were rough – missing family, friends, our church, and the comforts of America.  After about 1 year I was able to call this place home -as I have learned that home is where God has placed you.  Yet, the missing didn’t cease.  Many people say it gets easier….but missing loved ones hasn’t gotten easier for me.  We have missed two weddings in the family – our nephew’s in May and our niece’s in November.  I have missed the birth of a baby boy to one of my childhood friends, Kelly.  The list goes on…there have been countless family celebrations that we were not able to attend – birthdays, graduations, wedding showers, dance recitals, sport events, etc..  The hardest part of it all was when a family member or dear friend was going through a trial and we were not there to hug them.  It breaks my heart.  However, the Lord reminds me that they feel the same way about us.  There have been birthday parties they were not apart of (at least not physically) and holidays celebrated without them, along with trials that they could not hug us through.  But we felt their prayers each time.  Plus, we saw the pictures of monumental events which gave us a sense of being there.  We have been blessed by encouraging emails even if it was just to let us know about a typical day in their life.   I hope we have done the same for them.  Thankfully, the Lord has brought many family members to visit us and now it is our turn – in 3 days we will be back in the States for our furlough (“home assignment” as AIM calls it).  I look forward to catching up on some of those monumental events in the lives of my family and friends, along with participating in some new ones while we are there. 🙂