Home Assignment

P1000728If you check here very often you will have noticed it has been very quite lately.  That is because we have been out and about and not around computers all that much.

DSC02889We arrived in California in August and quickly headed up to Silver Lake in the Sierra Nevada for some time with the extended Zastoupil family.  We had a great time in the mountains and found out that Petr can be a great hiker if he wants to be.  Cammy’s parents even came up and we had quite a crowd.  It was a great time and brought up lots of memories.

DSC02897The boys then started school.  They both are doing great and you would have no idea that they had to make any kind of transition.  Petr is a great reader and Andrej loves to listen to him read.

I worked with Tim for a couple of weeks doing wooden flooring.  I always knew he did a lot of hard work to support his family, but now I know it first hand.  It is such a completely different kind of work than to what I am accustomed.

DSC00935Then we headed off to Lake Powell with the Idlers.  It is a long drive, but it is hard not to have a good time there.  The boys had all four of their grandparents there and loved being able to play in the water and sand all day.  We also spent a few days at the Foster (my mother-in-law’s family) Cabin in Oak Creek Canyon in Arizona.  The boys got to open the “bear pot” that had prizes in it each morning from the Oak Creek friendly bear (aka Nonnie, Cammy’s mom).