The roller coasters of life

Over Thanksgiving we went to spend time with Cammy’s relatives in Henderson, NV.  A friend of the family works at Circus Circus and they were kind enough to get us tickets to the Adventure Dome. We had a wonderful time and the boys got to ride on a lot of the rides.  This is a video of them on a little roller coaster.  Their Nonnie was nice enough to buy the video, she said it was OK because she did not have to pay for admission.

It was a fun and interesting experience that brought back the memory of our trip to Disneyland with the boys other grandparents in December of 2009.  At Disneyland, Petr was afraid of going on every single ride…every one.  Each time we got in line he would exclaim, “I do not want to do this, dad!”  It was a tough time for me, as a father, but I made him go on each one, sometimes even carrying him so he did not have a choice.  At the end of almost each one, he would then say, “Let’s do it again!’

At the end of a long day there at Disneyland we decided time was almost up and we would go on one more ride.  As we headed to get in line Petr once again said, “I do not want to go on it, dad.”  I stopped walking and pulled him aside.  “Petr,” I said, “How many rides did you want to go on today.”  “None,” he replied, honestly.  So I asked, “And how many did you like after you went on it?” And honestly again, to his credit he said, “All of them.”

He did the exact same thing at the Adventure Dome.

I wanted to be frustrated with him.  He could see what was happening.  He knew the answers to the questions, yet he continued to fight what would in the end be a good time.  But then I realized that, once again, I was looking into a mirror.  Petr was behaving just as I do with God all the time.  God tells me, “Hey, we are going to do this new thing, it is going to be great.”  I refuse, drag my feet, complain.  And once it is all over I often say, “That was great, let’s do it again!”

Some things in life are scary.  Many things are hard. Sometimes, a loving father forces you to do things you do not want to do, and sometimes those things are really great.

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