Mbagathi Way is my morning and afternoon entertainment.  It is a main road that runs down toward where I work.  It is quite steep in places and a very nice road as most of it is paved in concrete, a rarity.

Each day it seems brings something new.  One time I saw a large truck (lorry) broken down on the uphill side of the road with huge stone blocks behind the wheels.  This is not rare.  It probably happens ever other day at least.  However, this time as another large lorry tried to pass, and broke down right next to it, complete with large stone blocks behind the wheels.  No one could get by so traffic was backed up for a mile.

Another time I was on the way home and traffic was backed up for a long way.  I weaved my way through and found that a large lorry had gone over sideways and was blocking both lanes.  It had been full of imported oranges (the local ones are not very sweet or juicy) many of which fell in the ditch in the middle of the road.  There were policemen around trying to beat people as they tried to snatch a few.  This is right outside the railway exit of Kibera.  I quickly sped out of that situation.

Today’s entertainment, a pile of sand.  No idea what it is doing there.  If I had to guess I would say it was a lorry that broke down and they emptied it before towing it away.  But that is only a guess.

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