The Last Decompression Ride

A while back I wrote about a decompression ride.  Last Thursday I went on one last ride with Alan.  We went on a route that I had ridden with Ryan Williams back in early 2009.  It was Kiserian to Kajiado over to Magadi road and back to Kiserian, just over 200km.  It covers some very beautiful country, especially now when most of it was green.  We went down just at the rim of the Rift Valley and came back north just below the rim.

We passed the “famous” Pimples Pub on the way to Kiserian.

Alan recounted some flights where he had to remain very low over the edge of the rift because of clouds much like this.

We stopped in Kajiado for some fuel and cold cokes.  When I came out of the duka (shop) Alan was surrounded.  They were all checking out the motorcycles.

Because of the rain and all the green, the cows were very healthy.  This made the Maasai very happy.

Sometimes, living in Nairobi, we deal with some horrible traffic situations.  When Alan and I went on a ride in California back in September of last year he said on more than one occasion that a slow truck was “ruining his life.”  I commented to him at this point that the jack ass just would not get off the road.

Seeing this boy reminded me of a conversation back at our estate.  The wazee (elders) were discussion how life used to be in Kenya (and is in places).  They said you stayed out with the animals until your younger brother was old enough to watch them.  Then you could go to school.  So there used to be 14 year old boys in first grade.  “Lord help you if you were the last born,” one of them said.  It reminded me of when Samuel went to find the new king of Israel.

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  1. Hello Paul! We are really enjoying your frequent blogs! We look for them each day. They will be a forever record of your time and experiences in Africa. Thanks for sharing!
    Love, Mom

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