Ushirika ya Kabete


Ushirika is a noun that means the concept of sharing. It is the word used to translate fellowship.
We were at Kabete this Sunday. I had wanted to go there for a while to show them how grateful we are for their fellowship. I preached through most of Philippians and it seemed well received. (You will have to ask Cammy how her long it seemed…)  I finished with a contrast of mataki (wants) and mahitaji (needs).  I am enjoying being able to correct and help the translator.
I mentioned that when we want to communicate how we love someone we are limited to the languages we know. If you know me well you know one of my “love languages” is barbeque. So after church I unloaded our grill and I roasted about 18 pounds of beef fillet. The ladies sang together as I cooked and the pastor had arranged so mukimo and kachumbari. We ate a great meal together.  It felt awesome and there we quite a few mentions of the church in Acts 2. 
Right as we finished eating, the rain came. We moved inside the church and talked for a while waiting out the rain. All the kids were playing. It was great.
When the rain broke we prayed, received their thanks and headed out. I had a lot of help loading up the grill. On the drive home the rain came back heavier than I can remember here. Then it started hailing! It even got to be pretty big hail too. (We are less than 80 miles from the equator.)

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