The first goal = Slurpees


As I have posted about the boys soccer you may get the idea that I am more than a little frustrated with their drive to accomplish something.  So I wanted to give them an incentive to play harder, a carrot to give them a taste for winning.  I said that if they won their game, I would buy them a Slurpee.  I wanted to be careful to make sure they were learning the game, so I did not want to incentivize any particular stat or action, just win.

Cammy, in the heat of the moment, said, “If you score a goal I will buy you a Slurpee every day of the week!”  I mumbled, “What if they are playing keeper?”

Andrej played keeper on Saturday, but only for the final quarter.  He never touched the ball.  In the first half though, he played midfield.  He had his most aggressive match yet, and guess what.  Cammy is buying him a Slurpee today, and tomorrow, and… well you can figure it out.

This is a great encouragement for me, in my life, as it should be for you.  We can change the way we live life, we can become proactive where we have been reactive.  It should also encourage Petr. He will have to ride home Slurpee-less every day this week.

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