We had a wonderful time for Thanksgiving with my family yesterday.  It was the first time we had Thanksgiving with them since 2007.  I am very thankful for the way that God has provided for our family over those last four years.

The basis for most of the world’s economy is that workers create wealth, either for themselves or for someone else and are compensated for that creation of wealth. The last three years God supported us with all we needed all while I was not creating wealth in an economic sense.

We returned to the USA during the worst economic conditions in my lifetime.  In spite of that, God provided a very great job for me to do.  I enjoy the work, I enjoy my coworkers and I am compensated enough to provide for all our family’s needs, even a few of our wants.

I am even thankful for tender meat, even if it is a bird.





I spent the weekend on Mount San Gorgonio.  The first weekend in November is often cold up there, but I have never seen so much snow, and so low.  We started seeing snow on the ground at around 4,000′ and it was about the same amount, 4″-6″ as it was much higher.  Once we got above 7,000′ I do not think it ever got above freezing, which was actually really nice because it meant everything was very dry, and beautiful.

My dad agreed to go along on the trip over a month ago.  We even contemplated what clothes to wear and I talked him out of bringing shorts.  The weather got all crazy, but having already committed to go, he ended up on his first (and probably last) snow trip.  We had a great time.

We were also with both of Cammy’s brothers, Charlie and Brandon, as well as Mason, Brandon’s oldest, and Brandon’s brother-in-law Art and his son Josh.  At 7, we were a big group that headed up into the snow at Vivian’s Creek above Forest Falls.  We did not summit, but we made a good go of it.  We did not have a lot of time to plan and prepare for and adventure in that kind of weather.

We made it out on Sunday just before they were going to need snow plows.  Which was fortunate since only Art had 4×4 and chains.