A great weekend


Petr had two playoff games on Saturday.  The early one they did not play at their best and came away with a draw.  The afternoon game they played way above themselves and won 3-2 over a great team.  After adding up the AYSO tournament scoring numbers, Petr’s team had made it to the Semifinals to be played Sunday morning.

This weekend also marked a record 7th time in the calendar year that Real Madrid met Barcelona.  Every time they meet it is known in Spain as “El Clasico.”  Real Madrid has had a bad run as of late, and Saturday showed their fortune has not changed, as they lost 3-1 at home.  Not the makings of a great weekend for me, a Real fan.

Sunday was a better day.  I was asked to teach the High School group at church because the youth pastor is on a missions trip to Uganda.  That went really well, but I did miss one of Petr’s soccer games in the morning.

They won the morning game which meant they were going to play in the AYSO East County Final.  Of all the teams from Alpine, Jamul, Lakeside, Santee, El Cajon and La Mesa it had come down to these two.

At around the 2 minute mark, they gave up a penalty on a handball inside the area.  The boy from the other team struck it hard and right into the net off a slight deflection from the keepers hands after a great dive.  Knowing that Petr’s team had been playing a bit above themselves for most of the tournament, I feared that would be a tough goal to overcome.  I was wrong!  Good coaching, great defending, awesome goalkeeping and constant passes forward left the other team exposed to the counter attack, time after time.  The game ended 5-1.  So Petr’s team is now the regional AYSO champion U10 team.


That is a great weekend.  (Now we get to go play in the Southern California tournament in February.)

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  1. Congratulations !!! You and Cammy need to invest in your own slurpee machine or a 7-11 franchise. Petr is going to break the bank with his soccer skills!

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