It’s a boy. Zacharias Jan Zastoupil was born at 03:54 and weighs 6 pounds 11 ounces and is 19 inches.
His first bath started out a little rough but he really enjoyed the hair wash.
Mungu ni mwema.

Say Uncle

This is my nephew Paul James Zastoupil.  Often we call him PJ, which helps me from being confused when I am around.  In the long family tradition of his older cousins, he got into it with me the other night when the family was over to celebrate Petr’s 9th birthday.

PJ is ticklish.  He thought he could get the best of me so he was taunting me.   Well, I may be getting close to over the hill, but I can still take an 11 year old. It did not turn out well for him.  But that did not stop him from taunting.  He showed great toughness, both mentally and physically.  What it showed is a lack of understanding of the situation.  Size and strength matter in the physical world much more than just mentally being prepared for a fight.  Both are important, but when the scales are tipped so far to one side physically, you cannot make up for it with mental toughness.  He is a little young for the what his dad calls the, “I’m invincible,” stage that seems to hit teenage boys around 17 and sometimes lasts well into the 20s, but that is kind of the sense I got that night.  The attitude of, “I can do anything, that bad stuff can not happen to me.”

This reminded me a lot of how I often deal with God.  In spite of the fact that He created the universe, I think I can go toe to toe with Him in a variety of ways in my life.  I feel justified in telling Him what is right.  I think I can get away with not following His plan for me. I think I can live with a little sin in my life.

God has answers to all of these.  In Job 38-39, God sets the record straight on who tells whom in one the oldest and greatest recorded smack down of all times. Jonah learns that God’s plan is, well, GOD‘s plan. And in Jesus’ letter to the church of Pergamos we see that you cannot live with compromise in your life.

I especially like how in this picture Andrej is calmly watching the mayhem just eating his ice cream. If you are going to mess with God, prepare to lose. Sometimes it is that obviously futile to those around you that they will not even bother helping.

Thanks be to God that we do not get all that we deserve in return, and instead the free gift of His grace.