imageThis is a picture of Petr and Andrej playing with Uncle Charlie in the waves at Cammy’s cousin’s beach house in Carlsbad.

I do not know if my memory is bad, or the data is lost, but I searched and search and looked for a post about this from 4 years ago.  I could not find it.

Just before we left for Africa, we took the boys up to Carlsbad to see some family for the last time.  We even got to see Cammy’s cousin  Kevin and his wife Jann.  They are now in Cameroon with Wycliffe.

I learned an important lesson that day.  The boys were, of course, a lot younger then, and I think the waves were bigger.  Knowing that we were going to be living in Nairobi, over a day’s journey to the ocean, I wanted to boys to experience playing in the waves.  I took Petr out on a body board to catch a wave.  He was completely afraid.  He has always been a good boy, so he was very polite about it, but he kept saying, “Daddy I do not want to go,” through his tears.  It was a difficult moment for a father.  What to do?  I decided that the benefits of having done it would outweigh the pain of going through the experience.  It was a lot like his Disneyland experience later on.  He cried and repeated, “I do not want to,” as we waited for the right wave to come.  I pushed him on the board and he rode the wave all the way in.  As soon as he stood up, he turned around and exclaimed, “Let’s do it again!”

It was such a great object lesson, I used it over and over from the pulpit in Africa.  So often we are faced with something our Father tells us we must do.  We cry, kick, scream, and do anything we can to get out of it, all to often succeeding.  But on those rare occasions we do see it through, the first words out of our mouth are often, “Let’s do it again.”

It was a great joy to see the boys doing what was once too scary and enjoying it all on their own.  Maturity, it is within my reach as well.

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