This is the blog of the Zastoupil family, Paul, Cammy, Petr, and Andrej Zastoupil who were with AIM and lived in Nairobi, Kenya for three years. They are now back in California, and they have a third son Zacharias.

Paul was the General Manager over Field Technical Support with AIM’s International services.  He is now the Sony Network Entertainment NOC Manager.

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  1. Cammy, can you please get in touch with me at your convenience? Would love to hear from you and speak with you. Congratulations on Zacharias’ arrival. Love to you all, Teri Hubbard

  2. Hi Paul and Cammy, My name is Tim Tinsley and we’ve been going to the Glorious Celebration Center in Nairobi for about 10 years now. Our church, First Presbyterian in Chattanooga, along with my family have built a building for them and support Peter financially. We go back every year or so. God bless you for your life and ministry with our dear friends in Christ.
    In His grip, Pastor Tim

  3. Hey guys my name is Josh Zastoupil. I know we don’t know each other but our last names match and y’all know there isn’t a lot of us out there. I just wanted to come in contact with you because I’m trying to find a lot of my family members. I’ve come in contact with one of our family members in the Czech Republic named Cecilie Zastoupilová she had told me that you guys have been in contact with her dad. She referred me over to this website. I would like to be able to get to know you guys more and what y’alls History is like. Please email me at the following posted below

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