imageIf you read the comments on my earlier post, you would have known there was a typo (my fault, no Swahili spell checker and I was typing too fast) on my license plate frame.  I ordered replacement ones.  Somehow they produced the two plates I ordered and omitted the “Mungu” at the top of one of them.  It reminds me of working with more than one company in Kenya.  I guess that is appropriate.


We leave for California tonight.  The last week has been a busy time of preparing and saying goodbye.  We took some pictures of a lot of the different things.  I wanted to get them uploaded today.  Hopefully later I will be able to describe more of the individual events. But for now, here is a bunch of meaningless pictures.

Mara ya pili


My friend Bob got sick right before arriving. He did not improve before the climb. After some long discussions and a tough decision we decided to part ways in Tanzania. He went to see animals in the Serengeti and Ngorogoro Crater and I went up the mountain.
I summitted Friday just before sunrise. This is a picture of Mawenzi, a lower peak, later that day. I will post more pictures later.
I took Bob to the airport this morning, but it was not as bitter as usual because I know I can see him soon. Now we pack.