Off to Section 11… again.

El Cajon U10 All Stars

El Cajon U10B All-Stars

I have not posted about soccer in a while, even though it has been a big part of our lives the last few months. Petr finished up the season with 14 goals.  He is no Messi, but when his team needed him, he stepped up. As predicted, his team did not go very far in the playoffs at the end of the season. However, he was picked to play on one of the El Cajon all-star teams.  Sunday they played in the semi-final and final of the Area 11V tournament.  Both games went to extra time, and the final was decided on penalties.  Penalties are what they are, effectively nothing more than a highly stressful and exciting series of coin tosses to see who wins. They came out ahead needing only 4 rounds after a their keeper saved one and another rebounded off the post.

I was so emotionally worn out Sunday night that the AFC Championship felt like watching Jacksonville against Kansas City.

Now it is off to Garden Grove in February for the Section 11 playoffs.


Rerun – a showing of a motion picture or television program after its initial run, usually some months or years later.

Sequel – an event or circumstance following something; subsequent course of affairs.

Remake – to film again, as a picture or screenplay.

Reboot – to discard all previous continuity in a series and start anew.

On June 28 I ruptured my Achilles playing soccer at lunch time.  I was rehabilitating it without surgery.  While at a physical therapy appointment on October 3, I was walking barefoot and ruptured it again, in a slightly different place.

It turns out, that for me, my Achilles’ heel, is my Achilles’ tendon.

I had surgery October 4 and had the 26 staples removed yesterday.  Now I have six more weeks of no weight on my left leg.

Last time around, I had an air cast (left). This time, I have an equalizer boot (right).  So now you should understand why the post is titled “Reboot.”  Also, I am hoping for a much better outcome this time around.

If you are not squeamish, there is a picture of my Frankenstein-ish staples after the jump.

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Let the season begin

You cannot make out much in this photo, but that is OK.  What you may not be able to see is that Petr, of the Fireballs U10 team, is walking back to midfield after scoring a hat trick in his preseason game. Last year he was on a great team, in fact they won their region.  This may have contributed to his lack of tenacity, letting the other players do the work.  He was also a year younger. I do not think his team will go as far this year, but that may be a benefit for Petr.  He knows that he has to get things done, and showed he was willing to do it.

I told both the boys, $1 per goal.  I am looking forward to an expensive season.

It gives me a lot of hope as well.  We can all come through.

A visit from a friend

imageMy friend Bob came to visit us with his family this last weekend.  He wanted us to feel at home, so knowing how to visit a home in Kenya he brought some great items, a loaf of bread, 2L of soda (Dr. Pepper to boot), and a yam.

The kids had a great time playing together.  Hopefully we can see them again soon.

Serious Boy

I have been too quiet here.  But we have been busy, with the new guy and me being unable to walk. (I changed my first diaper in 6 weeks the other day because I can now stand.)

We have a bunch of pictures on the camera we need to dump.  I should post about that soon.