It is review time

In my job as a manager I have the responsibility to review my employees.  It is a hard thing to try to put ratings and words down to represent someone’s effort over the previous year.

The end goal should be to get the best out of people.  How does one best go about that?

(Before I go on, I want to address what giving 100% means.  If 100% is the sustainable output, then often someone really could give 110% for a short while.  But that is an expression some math folks hate.)

No one gives 100%. From a corporate standpoint, one can always give more.  I have a responsibility to the organization for which I work to get the most out of the people working for me.  I also have a responsibility to them to help them be a good person.  Not often, but sometimes those two responsibilities are at odds.

As I have put some time into the review process, I realized there is no way to get it exactly right.  So you have to attack it from one direction or the other.  You can aim higher than the area where you think someone falls.  Give them the “good job” review, and hope they will pull themselves up to at least where you aimed.  You can also aim low and hope that sting motivates them to do better.

However, what it really got me thinking about is my review for my Real Employer. What kind of review would He give me for the last year?  Would it be above or below where I think it is?  There are things I can point to where by I can tell how I have been doing throughout the year.  But even if I could consolidate all those little things into some kind of report, it would be hard to know exactly how I have been doing.

He does give us a standard by which we are measured, and of course I have once again failed to measure up (even for just today).  I guess I am getting the “did not meet expectations” review… again.  I should be motivated to do better. At least I have great hope.